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Amelita (Ami) Horvath . 18 . Hungary

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Anonymous asked: azthiszed menö vagy hogy a pasid bmwvel cipeli a segged?

Vele gyalogolni is jo… ☺ Sajnalom, hogy azt gondolod, ilyen lany lennek. De, ha ez zavar, akkor magadba keresd a problemat! 😕

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Anonymous asked: kipróbáltad már a cigit? vagy cigizel?

Nem mondanam

Anonymous asked: Szep vagy nagyon (: miota van tumblid?

💕 Nem tudom.. ☺

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starsfashionwelc asked: Hello dear, wanted to let you know your blog is amazing! I am following you! I would like to ask you to my fashion website (there is a link in my blog, under the title) ? :) Thank you very much dear! :)

Thank you honey 💕 Your fashion blog is cool! 😉